New PSAL Eligibility Rules Starting 2013-2014 School Year - Will YOU Be Eligible? See the Eligibility Chart

The PSAL has set new eligibility rules for student-athletes.  Checkout the Chart, which compares current standards with the new standards beginning September 2013.

Any student wishing to play sports next year (2013-2014) must meet the new 10, 5, and 1 rule. 

  •  A student must pass five credit bearing subjects and physical education
  •  A student must accumulate ten credits for the two semesters prior to the eligibility period not counting PE.
  • Student-athletes must achieve a passing GPA at time of eligibility evaluation.
  •  Students must achieve a minimum of 90% attendance at the end of each marking period.

See the link below for the Full Eligibility Chart, with details of all eligibility rules.


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Comment by Lonnie Grant on October 28, 2013 at 12:04pm

I personally would like to thank Rudy King (Smartball Classic) for the opportunity that he extended to the Holcombe L. Rucker High School coach & players to attend the YES program at riverbank. My son Kaliph expressed his gratitude and enjoyed the experience of expert advice from all involved and it was extremely helpful. Thanks again Rudy, highly appreciate it. 

Comment by Rich Kosik on October 28, 2013 at 11:40am

Nice to see this conversation continued. Recent activities in the hoop community give me a positve feeling that the tide is really turning in a positve direction for our aspiring student-athletes.

This past weekend, Russ Shuler & Rudy King(YES) had the NCAA at Riverbank St. park in West Harlem offering expert advice to students, parents & coaches. Ricky Rivers in Brooklyn ran another successful season of his "Fun Sports" tournament & closed it out with a great panel discussion led by knowledgeable folks in recruiting & a group of HS Srs. who are living through these issues right now. TEAM FIRST led by former All City. Grady HS-St. John's Univ.-NBA/Eurpean Pro standout Tyrone Grant always has EDUCATION & RESPONSIBILITY as a key part of his events. His recent (Sept.) tournament at the Barclay Center had former SJU & NBA Player Shanel Scott & myself address close to 150 players & parents. Ty's program is already in 5 schools & looking to grow.

There's more then enough room on the "educational/sports band wagon", so jump on aboard and lets make sure more of our young people are on the right track to academic success as student-athletes.

Comment by Mike Senior on October 28, 2013 at 11:13am

Why? 1- Academics   2- No College Level Game(No fundamentals)!  3- Attitude(Not Coachable)  4- Never work on their game to reach that Level!!! 5- No Basketball I.Q!!!

Coach Senior

Comment by Cheez Ezenekwe on October 28, 2013 at 11:01am


Comment by Mike Senior on September 13, 2013 at 6:16pm

As my good friend Rob Lanier(Assistant Coach: University of Texas), always said "'these kids and their parents see Ghost"

Comment by Lonnie Grant on September 13, 2013 at 5:03pm

@Rich Kosik, Great topic sir. I don't depend on ANY COACH to do the job they are suppose to do regarding academics because it the PARENT or PARENTS that should followup on all the issues, requirements, responsibilities and most of all, GRADES. Also, I don't like reclassifying because it means you are in it for the game of basketball and not the LOVE of ACADEMICS. I live in Middletown New York and the ENTIRE middletown basketball team went down to North Carolina and RECLASSIFIED. Most of them couldn't crack the starting lineup so they bailed out. The problem is that now they must ATTEMPT to make the team in North Carolina cause it is not set in stone. 

Comment by Rich Kosik on September 13, 2013 at 4:09pm

GREAT to see this topic of conversation being picked up again. The timing couldn't be better. To bad we can't 'LINK" this to every parent & coach of every student-athlete out there.

I've been at this for 43+ years and I'm amazed on a yearly basis how many parents, coaches( IN school & community) & counselors are just so unaware of the issues, requirements & responsibilities they need to know about ,that affect this world of school sports. Most of all , I'm disappointed at the low numbers of student-athletes (particularly- BOY basketball players) who really WORK AT being successful in their sport & most importantly in the classroom. I don't know if it's spending to much time on their X-BOXES or Text messaging the day away, but i drive by basketball courts today that used to be packed after school & on weekends. Fewer guys seem to be "working on their game" & instead think it's all about having a nice cross over.

In recent years we've seen members of city championship final's particpants  (Semi's & Finals)  who had Div. I talent, NOT qualify for a NCAA scholarship or get into a school & end up leaving because they weren't ready to BE RESPONSIBLE! Some of these guys, even turn down offers to go to good Junior College programs.   I've been at to many camps where I've heard college coaches say after viewing the latest group of good players, "that kid has talent, but he has NO idea how to play the game."

I've seen to many coaches just interested in just WIN baby WIN & pay little if any attention to good grades. To many coaches still throw out that BS about, "hey, don't worry, I'll get you into prep school". When it comes time for prep school, THAT coach is NO where to be found.

There's no one answer, but I know that our young players have to wake up & take their academics more seriously & both parents & coaches have to do a better job of monitoring the players. A pat on the back should be used when earned & a kick in the butt should be given (SIT THEIR BUTTS DOWN WHEN LOW GRADES ARE SEEN) when a message has to be sent.

The years may pass, but the song remains the same, "Success comes to those students/players who PREPARE for it through HARD WORK. 

Comment by Mike Senior on September 13, 2013 at 4:09pm

Congratulations to Kaliph & Malachi for handling their Academic Responsibilities!! To all Students and Student-Ahtletes who are working extra hard in the classroom, Keep Up YOUR HIGH STANDARDS!!!!!!!!!

Coach Senior

Comment by Lonnie Grant on September 13, 2013 at 1:42pm

True Story Mike. Love the wording in all your quotes. Academics should always be first and foremost. I can't stress that enough how important it is to reach your academic goals first. I'm thankful my two son's have listened so far and are High Honor Roll Students respectively. If I don't see the grades, there will be NO BASKETBALL. So I commend my sons, Kaliph & Malachi for taking it upon themselves to achieve High Grades in EVERY CLASS. They know the consequences of failure and that total focus on the academics will reap you rewards. So keep on lecturing our basketball family on NYC about putting in 110% in the classroom so they all can change their attitudes about the importance of academics & high grades. Good luck to all coaches, parents, & teams in al boroughs and lets accept the challenge of the new rules. @Coach Eagle, good point. You to Harlem Coach & Rich Kosik. 

Comment by Mike Senior on September 13, 2013 at 9:26am

#1 Parents: Student-Athletes shouldn't be outside playing after school!! They should be studying and preparing for the next day at school!!

#2 Student-Athletes have to take school more Serious!!

#3 Coaches(PSAL): must keep up with what their Student-Athletes are doing Everyday in Class!!! A Weekly Progress Report would help you and your Student-Athletes!! You have to do well in High School if you want to attend College!!

#4 Catholic Schools: The A.D's down to each Coach is on the same page! The kids know what they have to do in school each year!! If they don't meet their responsibility they will not be in Catholic School long!!

Catholic School Parents know the Rules!! They send their kids to Catholic Schools for Academic Reasons first!! They are preparing their kids for College!!

Too many Public School Coaches feel monitoring their kids in Class isn't their Job! Wrong!! Coaches responsibility is More in the Classroom then in the Gym!! When you have Academic Inclined Student-Athletes, you will have Highly Intelligent Basketball Players(Co-ed)!! They will work extra hard for you because their minds are Higher Level!! They will learn the Game of Basketball Quicker!!

Thank You PSAL for changing the Rules!! Our Student-Athletes must understand how important Education is in the Game of Life!!

Coach Senior




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